Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picture Update!

Thank you Bergen for showing me how to put pictures on here...
So enjoy everybody!

This is a picture of the center - very bicycle friendly!

The Daily Ape Show is a funny show that everyone should watch.
Mom - click on this link to see it ^
I highly suggest episode #2 on Finnish water.

My first corridor party. 6+ floors of people partying and
drinking in the stairwell - what could go wrong?

Tiny door!

View off the lake right next to where I live

One of my favourite buildings - very near campus.

First night-club I went to. It was packed
because it was a 'back-to-school' party.

They provide these at blind intersections.

The opening of the Light Festival here. I will
walk the path and post more pictures soon.

The view from my balcony.

Pretty pathway to a museum.

A view of one side of the city. My favourite view. <3

Or maybe this is my favourite... ?

From the bike ride I took with Bergen.

This is 1-2 kilometers from where I live.

This is one of the many lakes in the region I live in.

Traditional Finnish Liqueur. It tastes like Black Licorice.
I did try it; unfortunately I really didn't like it.

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